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KOP Tradtech Sdn. Bhd.

En. Sukimi bin Saat
KOP Tradtech main business is sale and purchase of goods (trade) as well as supplies and services based on technology and IT (Information Technology). The company was established on May 2015 by providing a platform for the sales and purchase of various goods. Through the supply of government contracts, we are active in identifying partners who can jointly provide services for smart partnership between providers to ensure business continuity in a transparent and continuous period of time. KPD Mall ( is an online portal where PDRM personnel and public could purchase various items on the internet such as electronic items, heath products and shoes. My Shoes Portal ( is an online portal for police personnel to claim on tactical shoes, office shoes and ankle boot shoes. There are different type of shoes available that is Ankle Boot, Officer Shoe and Tactical Boot. Officers can choose their desired shoes and it is available in different sizes.