Highest in terms of quality and stringent control


En.Mohamad bin Abdullah
Chief Executive Officerr

The private security is an industry that has seen a significant growth in tandem with business awareness to ensure that their organization are secured and safe from external factors. With this, in 1995, KOP Security Agency Sdn Bhd was founded. Registered under the Ministry of Finance (MOF), KOP Security Agency is also member of Persatuan Perkhidmatan Kawalan Keselamatan (PPKKM). KOP Security Agency Sdn Bhd services includes providing various security services that meets international standard and demand and needs of various industries. The main objective of its services is to protect the customers and the customers’ assets from any risk and potential threats. As such, KOP Security Agency Sdn Bhd provide static arm guard, private bodyguard and transfer of cash transit in armoured vehicle. All these services are of the highest in terms of quality and stringent control, supported by selected security personnel in which criteria includes quality, discipline and integrity.


Dato' Rosmadi bin Ghazali
Chief Executive Officerr

Auxiliary Force Sdn Bhd was established on 16th March 2015 with its main responsibility to administer and manage Polis Bantuan of the Royal Malaysia Police Cooperative Berhad. With its core value on knowledge, expertise and skills in areas of policing, AFSB is committed to introduce quality and highly advanced Polis Bantuan that is systematically and well managed. Apart from security management of Polis Bantuan, AFSB also offer the overall scope in enabling the Polis Bantuan services. As of today, AFSB has its services rendered by private sectors such as I-City, ERM, MIC, Hatten Group and others. In addition to that, AFSB also ensures the highest quality of uniform of Polis Bantuan by being the main supplier of uniform clothing and accessories for Polis Bantuan. AFSB also play an important role to instil an identity and intergrity of Polis Bantuan by enhancing knowledge, skills and ability of its personnel. As such, AFSB has been given the mandate to offer Polis Bantuan Foundation Course of Excellence. Currently, AFSB has just been selected to monitor and manage the accreditation of private bodyguard in Malaysia.