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KOP Logistics & Distribution Sdn. Bhd.


Formerly known as KOP Transport Sdn Bhd, KOP Logistic & Distribution now provide forwarding (packaging and delivery), permit taxi rental, maintenance and service provider, motor repairer and vehicle parts. We also provide services distribution or delivery of goods nationwide. We will ensure all shipping reached its destination in excellent conditions, safe and as promised. Vehicle parts supplier for all vehicle brands. KPD Mart Community is a retail chainstore that would not only give benefits to the members of KPD, but also to the police personnel, families and communities. A strategic collaboration between KOP Logistics & Distribution and Prolink Marketing Sdn Bhd to intoduce the brand name KPD Mart Community.

Website : www.kopld.com.my

KOP Aviation Sdn. Bhd.

En. Nasip bin Roslan
KOP Aviation Sdn. Bhd. formerly known as KP Aviation Sdn. Bhd is a General Aviation company specialising in providing aircraft maintenance, aircraft components and related systems for the aerospace and aviation industries since 1992. The company is an agent representing Czech Omnipol aircraft manufacturer for twin engined LET L-410 Twin Turbo prop multi role commuter aircraft for the Malaysian market. Company’s service center is approved by the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation providing installation precertification, trouble shooting, modification and upgrading of Nav/Communication equipment including: Aircraft Navigation Systems, ADF, DME, VOR Airbone Communcation Systems Aircraft Instruments such as altimeters, air speed indicators, vertical speed Indicators Light aircraft engines Airframes Aircraft components Avionics equipments and instrumentation repair Overhaul and distribution Main responsibilities and functions include: To repair and overhaul light aircraft engines, avionics components, propeller, rotor blade, gear box etc As a marketing agent of light aircraft, aircraft engines, avionics components, propeller and aircraft accessories such as Ground Power Unit, GPS, life Raft, life jackets, aircraft batteries etc. for customers To operate Aircraft Charter Flight Services for passenger and cargo to various destinations in the country and abroad Company also provides services for aircraft components such as propellers, aircraft turbine engine, piston engines, helicopter rotor blades, electrical component such as starter generator, actuator, rescue hoist and aircraft accessories such life-rafts, life jackets, pressure bottle, FLIR systems etc. It is receiving the backup of Hawker Pacific Pte. Ltd. Singapore for the repair and overhaul of Allison Engine, models 250, T56/501D, 501K, 570K, 571K, PT6.-3/3B Pratt & Whitney R 1340 etc. Its facilities include: Audio Integrating System (AIS) Test Bench Audio Integrating System (AIS), Microphone & HeadSet Test Bench Airborne Communication Test Bench King KTS 143 Digital Test Bench King KX 155 VHF COMM/NAV Transceiver Unit Functional Check Company has been awarded a contract by the Ministry of Home Affairs for servicing The Royal Malaysia Police Air Wing aircraft’s avionics components, propeller and Allison Engine. Clients of the company include the Royal Malaysian Police Air Wing, Malaysian Flying Academy Malacca, Composite Technology Research Malaysia, Local aircraft operators and individual owner of aircrafts.

Website : www.kopavi.com.my

KOP Agrolink Sdn. Bhd.

Group Managing Director of Prolink Marketing Sdn. Bhd.
The new joint venture was established between KOP Logistic & Distribution Sdn Bhd with Prolink Marketing Sdn Bhd through the setting up of KOP Agrolink Sdn Bhd to undertake the supply marketing and distributor of food items. Strategic development under this new housebrand has been introduced and as such Packet RIce brand and the Royal Malaysia Police Cooperative Berhad was produced; Beras Sona Masoori (Health Rice), Beras Super Spesial Tempatan and Beras Super Import.

Website : www.kopagro.com.my